Shabby Chic Furniture – Distressed Furniture in Demand

When deciding to remodel your home, there are several different styles you can go for a popular one at the moment is shabby chic furniture. This style looks great in contemporary homes and the furniture can be quite expensive if you choose to buy it from a store. The way to get around the expense is to distress your furniture yourself. Distressed furniture has an amazing look to it, and is quite easy to achieve.

Shabby chic is very popular at the moment; it makes your home feel cozy and lived in. Whilst still looking individual and unique, it blends older pieces of furniture with a fresh look. Shabby chic furniture was first created in 1989 and has become very popular to recreate. The whole look is about restoring old furniture and turning them into contemporary pieces. Creativity is the key with this look and you can be as subtle or as wacky as you want. You can use old items and turn them into furniture, or recover your existing furniture with floral patterns, gingham and blue chintz. These are all great shabby chic looks.

You will need to decide on which pieces of distressed furniture you want to create. Do you want all of your furniture in the shabby chic look or just some individual pieces? You will want to find an older style painted piece of furniture, both plain and very detailed furniture work easily as well. White or very light blue paint works best for the shabby chic furniture, as they are subtle and look good with any style room. You will need to sand the piece of furniture, but not to remove all of the paint the idea of distressed furniture is to enable you to see the paint underneath the top coat. Apply the paint until you get the look you are looking for, there are no rules with shabby chic furniture it is all down to personal taste.

If you don’t have any old pieces of furniture that you want to turn into distressed furniture, then you can always buy cheap new styled furniture. You then simply need to paint it all, once dried sand down and distress it as if it was an older piece. You can always add old handles to give it an antique look, and sand the edges down to make it seem worn. Wicker is very good as distressed furniture; you can give it a whole lease of life with a spray can. Many people have items of furniture that are just pushed to the side, have a look round your home before buying new pieces. You can also buy crackle paint at your local hardware store, you simply apply it to the furniture and it will give it a very old look.

Whatever pieces of furniture you decide that would look good as shabby chic furniture, it will certainly give your home a fresh new look. You will find that once you begin distressing one or two pieces then your whole home will soon become shabby chic. Every room will have distressed furniture in it, with this very easy but effective make over to do on your home.