Wind Electricity Power – Energy From the Wind is Free

How many times have you heard it said…the best things in life are free. There could never be a more factual statement than in the case of wind electricity power. Energy from the wind is free, as it is a renewable source of energy. Wind power is not just a free source of energy — it is also an unlimited energy source. It cannot be depleted as opposed to the conventional source of energy (fossil fuel/coal). Therefore, it is no surprise that wind power is among the renewable sources of energy, expected to supply a huge percentage of the world’s energy in the future.

Home owners can also benefit from free wind power, since they have the option of building or buying their own systems. Building wind electricity power systems is, however, the cheaper method other than buying commercially sold systems. But in order to build a wind generator, there are several things that will be needed.

Instructional guides:

Before getting started with building and generating your own wind electricity power, you will first need a guide to direct you through all the steps involved, especially if you are a complete novice to the procedure. Instructional guides can easily be purchased off the internet. They are often created with the beginner in mind, so, you will have no problem following them, whether you are technically sound or not.

Components needed for building a wind generator:

Necessary materials for creating the blades. This can be small thin sheets of metal, if metallic blades are the desired choice. Otherwise, lumber can be use to create the blades.

A DC motor – this is the primary component of the wind generator, as it is what generates electricity from the rotation of the blades.

Electricity inverter–required to convert the DC generated power to AC.

Batteries–preferably automotive. And a charge controller–necessary to regulate the charge to the batteries.

Most of these parts can be purchased from your local hardware and electrical stores, while some parts can be obtained from salvage yards or junk yards. But usually, buying all the required parts will not set one back over $200.

Tools required in building a wind generator:

The required tools are a jigsaw–required particularly to shape the blades, a socket set–to tighten nuts and bolts, screw drivers and a drill. These tools should be enough when seeking to build wind generators, in order to create wind electricity power.

It is quite clear that building wind generators is not as difficult as the thought of it seems. Therefore, for anyone looking to benefit from using free wind electricity power, the cheaper way to go about it is to build and install their own systems.