New Paint To Give Your Garage Door A Facelift

Our garage doors are always open and exposed to various elements of nature that can cause them to chip, fade, rust, and affect its operation over time. That’s why regular maintenance and protection against these damaging elements are important to keep the door in top working condition. One good way to do it is by painting it new. Here’s a step-by-step tip on how to do the garage door painting right.

Know The Right Timing

When planning for a paint job on your garage, make sure you time it wisely. You want the paint to dry fast and properly, so you’ll need a good temperature for that – not too hot or too cold. Also, always pay attention to the daily weather forecast; you need a couple of days or more of no rain. The best time to start painting is early in the day, so you can get enough sunlight to finish it and dry all in a day.

Ready The Surfaces

This may be the toughest part, but you need to prepare the surface for a good paint job. If you want your paint to last longer, you need to paint right and paint well. First thing you should do is sand off any peeling paint on the surface. For metal garage doors, you need to sand any signs of rust.


For the paint to stick on the surface well, you’ll need a clean surface. Set a power washer on a low setting or soak a sponge in water with detergent and scrub the surface to clean. Make sure you wash off all the dirt and grime, especially at the bottom, where most gunks tend to build up. Let the surface dry completely before you start painting.

Prepare the Things You’ll Need

Prepare all the things you’ll need before you start painting. It may not seem much, but those extra minutes you spend at the start will make a huge difference in easing up the work later. Keep the siding from getting painted by taping all the edges. Also, lift the door up slightly and lay down a cardboard, plastic, or tarp at the bottom before you put it down back. This will keep the floor of your garage from being tainted with drips and spills.

Apply Primer

If you want to give it a good facelift and a full change of color/s, then you’ll need to apply a coat primer. Make sure you pick a primer that suits for outdoor and is suited for the type surface of your garage door. Cover any metal with premier to protect it from rusting.


Paint your garage door in thin layers and let each coating dry before applying the next. This shouldn’t be a problem since you’re painting a wide surface, by the time you finish your initial coat on the other side, the other side where you started should be dry. Use a small brush for edges and details, and roller for the wider surface.

Quick Tip

Wait at least 24 hours before after painting before you lift and open the garage door.

Float a Tattoo Design Contest to Customize Your Fantasy Tattoo

What is a fantasy tattoo?

A fantasy tattoo is a form of tattooing in which the design is created purely on the basis of the artist’s imagination of the fantasy world the client has created in his/her mind. After you give your fantasy details to the tattoo designer, they use their own creativity to reflect the ultimate design. So, you need a good tattoo artist who can transform your idea into a real tattoo. It is also a possibility that you give your own design to the artist who will create it on your body. In both cases, you may utilize a tattoo design contest. Now, read on if you are wondering what a tattoo design contest is and how it would get you a great customized design for your fantasy tattoo.

The tattoo design contest and its benefits

Some organizers and designers go for a tattoo contest that can be conducted both online or offline. This contest invites various budding tattoo artists who wish to make a name for themselves in the area of tattooing. They not only want to win the contest for designing a tattoo but also wish to showcase their talent to the world through this medium. So, if you are organizing a contest for a fantasy tattoo, many of the participating artists will create and submit unique designs that you would not find anywhere else. So, while you are gathering and displaying the talent of various artists, you are finding a good design for yourself too.

If you use the services of a skilled designer, there will be a huge fee. Through the contest, you are saving that money and are also making it easier for the emerging tattoo artists to get publicity. This is because many people keep an eye on online forums, and they might bring new work for these participating artists. In addition, it is easy to organize one of these contests, as there are no hard and fast rules and policies. The focus of your contest can be fantasy tattoos as this is what you desire for yourself, and you can set your fantasy as the theme for artists to work on. You will get entries from various artists who specialize in creating fantasy tattoos.

Moreover, you are not compelled to pay all the designers who are participating in your contest. You have to pay only that tattoo artist whose tattoo you have chosen.

Placing your fantasy tattoo

Now when you have your fantasy tattoo ready, you may ask your artist to customize it for you and then you can place it on the selected part of your body. People usually prefer to have their tattoos on the front of their bodies or even on the lower body. But, these varied designs are easily customizable and flexible so you may place them anywhere on your body. You may also vary the size of the tattoo.

So, go on and get the fantasy tattoo of your dreams right now.

Home Decor to Make a Relaxing Ambience

Decorations are used to create a different ambience to make living inside a home a very enjoyable one. Some people just want to put a lot of decorations inside their home thinking that it will make their home different. Most of them place decors without considering the harmony and overall design of their home. It is important for all homeowners to consider home accents that will blend perfectly with their entire home. There are home decorations that can easily adapt to any style of home while creating a very relaxing ambience within their home. If you really want to create harmony and relaxing ambience within your home, these are some of the most effective home decors that you can use to achieve relaxing mood within your home.

1. Indoor plants and flowers: having fresh indoor plants as well as flowers inside the house will not only make your home relaxing but will also invites fresh indoor air within your home. You have to know that indoor environment around your home is not exempted from pollution outside. There are lots of elements that can contribute to make your home polluted such as house paints, adhesives, carpets, insulation, and furniture. Some building materials that are being use for creating homes can release VOC or volatile organic chemicals. Your indoor air can be very toxic without the presence of fresh plants and flowers.

With the help of fresh plant, they can absorb all impurities in the air. Your family can breathe fresh and clean air with the use of fresh plants and flowers around the house. There are different types of indoor plants such as roses, lilies and many more. Plants can blend to any kind of home interior whether you have modern or traditional style of home, you will surely find fresh plants that will blend. Plants are relaxing because of its green color and it has a power to relax your mind as well as relieve stress. Having plants within your home can definitely improve the overall look of your home plus it can fill up vacant spaces around the house.

2. Candles- candles are popular addition to any style of home. It can create greater impact compare to other home decors. Candles are versatile decoration because it can make your home relaxing, can give pleasant mood, and can make your home look elegant and unique. Candles come in wide array of designs and scents. Scented candles are in demand in the market nowadays as more and more people look for something that can make them feel relax while inside their home. If you want a sudden change of mood, all you have to do is light your scented candle and you will surely experience peace of mind. All your stress will wipe away by the flame and scent of your candle.

3. Aquarium- aquarium is entertaining as well as relaxing. As you watch fishes roam around their aquarium, you will feel different kind of happiness.

Decors mentioned above can really make your home extraordinarily relaxing as well as enjoying.

Constructive and Destructive Thought

We build or destroy…

Our thoughts are the doorway to the inner sanctum of our psyche. That which is subconscious reveals itself through the channels of our thoughts. Some thoughts are based upon internal stimuli, while others external.

We possess the power to build, or destroy. We can construct mansions in heaven or destroy cities on earth. Our thoughts possess the power of the mental, the key to the unseen realm between physical and the spiritual.

That which is our innermost desire rises through the fog of our thoughts. This fog soon materializes before our eyes within our brain projecting its message to the world through our expressions.

Not all thoughts are constructive. This is a known fact, but what is unknown is how this impacts us in the long run.

The Ability To Destroy

Our brain is a fertile field. It will bear the harvest of the seeds we sown. If we sown good seeds we reap a good harvest, if we sown bad seeds, a bad harvest. The person who cultivates their mind in wisdom reaps the literal fruits of his labor.

However, if the seeds we plant are bad then the crops will poison us and the ground. There are two grounds. There is the upper ground (active mind) and the lower mind (passive mind). The passive mind we know as the subconscious mind. It is where the deepest desire, reaction, and truth resides.

Now the truth in the subconscious mind is relative. It is relative to what you have planted. Your subconscious mind will manifest whatever truth you feed it, first in your mind, then through attraction in your environment.

So, if the seeds you sown are bad, instead of bringing constructive results you will reap destructive forces. This is brought about by the manifestation we programmed in our subconscious mind.

Some example of bad seeds:

  • Hate
  • Envy
  • Jealousy
  • Backbiting

All of these are things you don’t want in your life. There are a lot more bad seeds, this is by no means an exhaustive list.

Constructive Thought – To Create

However, not all seeds are bad. There are good seeds. These good seeds we plant bring forth a good harvest. I love the analogy of using seeds, and here is why:

  • They imply a process
  • It’s not overnight
  • They produce their crop over time

When we intentionally think positive thoughts we are planting our garden with intelligence. Why would you want to grow a crop you despise? Did you know your mind is like a magnet, attracting to it the very things it either loves or loathes?

As you think thoughts seeds are planted from your active mind into your passive mind (subconscious mind). Your subconscious mind will draw to it the things requested by the active mind over a period of time. When you plant positive thoughts reinforced with positive action the universe itself begins to bring forth the very things you seek.

Remember, seek and you shall find! If you are seeking bad you are finding bad. If you are seeking good you are finding good. Ask yourself, which do you want in your life? Bad or good things?

The power is in your thoughts. You can either build or destroy your life. I choose to build. Want to go further with your personal development? Click here for more information now!