Buying Comfortable Modular Lounge Furniture

If you are looking to buy good looking and comfortable options to furnish your home, you should definitely consider modular lounge furniture. A lot of people consider functionality and necessity over luxury, when it comes to buying new furniture due to the costs involved. Not a lot of people can afford to spend a lot of money on a luxurious lounge suite. Modular lounge furniture provides an optimum balance between price and comfort.

Compared to traditional lounge furniture, modular options are a lot less expensive. Most manufacturers also offer long term guarantees and as long as it is within the warranty period, you will have no problem in getting a damaged piece replaced or repaired.

With traditional lounge furniture, rearranging the items can be a difficult task since they tend to be big and heavy. Therefore, a lot of people avoid doing it, and the d├ęcor of the room could become stale after some time. Traditional sofas and other items might only fit in certain parts of the room due to their girth. This severely restricts your options when it comes to redecoration. Modular lounge furniture is much lighter and easier to move around. This provides lots of versatility if you are thinking of sprucing up your room. If you like to reinvent your living space on a regular basis, modular lounge furniture is an excellent option.

If you are throwing a party, one of the biggest problems you will face is to make enough space in your house. Traditional furnishings are heavy and can’t be moved easily. Modular pieces, on the other hand, can be rearranged easily to provide seating in even tiny spaces.

Apart from being versatile, modular lounge furniture is also extremely comfortable, which adds to its popularity. No matter what you are doing, from spending some quality time with your family to just kicking back and relaxing, you will be able to find furniture that perfectly meets your needs. There is great variety when it comes to designs, colors and fabrics, and you will be able to find items that go well with the rest of the room. You can also use furniture to make a bold statement.

There is another great advantage to getting modular lounge furniture. A lot of these pieces are completely recyclable and do not put a lot of strain on the environment. Therefore, you will face no issues when you are looking to have them replaced in the future. Modular lounge furniture will last for a long time and in case you want to fluff them again, you can do so without spending a lot of money. Not only will you be able to use them for a long time, you will also be able to save on reupholstering charges.

When buying modular lounge furniture, it is always a good idea to shop around and not just settle for the first item you see. This will allow you to get the exact item you need, at an affordable price. You can find a number of online retailers who sell furniture at extremely low rates.

The Advent of Contemporary Furniture

Contemporary furniture was a break away from previous designs in that it provided a more accessible form of quality design, with its unique styling and use of cheaper materials. Prior to the contemporary furniture movement, items tended to be sought for their grandeur and as a result of this, furniture was crafted to such extremes that the more desirable pieces were far beyond the reach of the average consumer.

With the advent of contemporary furniture came a new opportunity to bring beautifully designed, simple, yet functional pieces into the mainstream – although for original or iconic pieces, you can still expect to pay a fairly hefty sum. Fortunately, because there seems to be no end to the popularity of some of the earliest and most iconic pieces of contemporary furniture, it’s easy to find amazing reproductions that are almost as good as the real thing.

Contemporary furniture broke away from the traditional form, shunning the historical influence that had been relied upon for so many years. Instead, designers looked to inject a feeling of freshness, creating items that were almost futuristic in their conception. The clean and simplistic lines of contemporary furniture were not the only things that changed. During the late 19th century and early 20th century the West were finally welcomed to trade with the Japanese, and the country’s striking designs were embraced by famous contemporary designers such as Eileen Gray and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Furniture started to become more clever, with care and attention being given to its function, form and features, the blend of which made items far more appealing and versatile. The Eileen Gray side table is a classic example of this, created at the request of her sister, for a table that could adjust to fit on the bed, thereby providing a ‘breakfast in bed’ option. It is also probably no surprise that many contemporary furniture designers of the time were also architects – the form of this furniture definitely takes on advanced, almost engineering-type qualities, often resulting in contemporary chairs and tables that seem to defy the laws of gravity and the expected conventions of furniture as a whole. It is certain that this was largely achieved by the creator’s understanding of design on a wider scale, as well as the many different types of materials that were being adopted.

Prior to contemporary furniture design, items were hand-crafted, predominately from wood, which meant that pieces were vast, heavy and expensive. Cheaper woods, such as plywood, and other materials including stainless steel and plastic went a long way to bringing conceptually creative furniture to the masses – and its enduring popularity proves that they designers got the formula just right.

Shabby Chic Furniture – Distressed Furniture in Demand

When deciding to remodel your home, there are several different styles you can go for a popular one at the moment is shabby chic furniture. This style looks great in contemporary homes and the furniture can be quite expensive if you choose to buy it from a store. The way to get around the expense is to distress your furniture yourself. Distressed furniture has an amazing look to it, and is quite easy to achieve.

Shabby chic is very popular at the moment; it makes your home feel cozy and lived in. Whilst still looking individual and unique, it blends older pieces of furniture with a fresh look. Shabby chic furniture was first created in 1989 and has become very popular to recreate. The whole look is about restoring old furniture and turning them into contemporary pieces. Creativity is the key with this look and you can be as subtle or as wacky as you want. You can use old items and turn them into furniture, or recover your existing furniture with floral patterns, gingham and blue chintz. These are all great shabby chic looks.

You will need to decide on which pieces of distressed furniture you want to create. Do you want all of your furniture in the shabby chic look or just some individual pieces? You will want to find an older style painted piece of furniture, both plain and very detailed furniture work easily as well. White or very light blue paint works best for the shabby chic furniture, as they are subtle and look good with any style room. You will need to sand the piece of furniture, but not to remove all of the paint the idea of distressed furniture is to enable you to see the paint underneath the top coat. Apply the paint until you get the look you are looking for, there are no rules with shabby chic furniture it is all down to personal taste.

If you don’t have any old pieces of furniture that you want to turn into distressed furniture, then you can always buy cheap new styled furniture. You then simply need to paint it all, once dried sand down and distress it as if it was an older piece. You can always add old handles to give it an antique look, and sand the edges down to make it seem worn. Wicker is very good as distressed furniture; you can give it a whole lease of life with a spray can. Many people have items of furniture that are just pushed to the side, have a look round your home before buying new pieces. You can also buy crackle paint at your local hardware store, you simply apply it to the furniture and it will give it a very old look.

Whatever pieces of furniture you decide that would look good as shabby chic furniture, it will certainly give your home a fresh new look. You will find that once you begin distressing one or two pieces then your whole home will soon become shabby chic. Every room will have distressed furniture in it, with this very easy but effective make over to do on your home.